I would really like for there to be a “Part 2” for all of the other trailer songs, not just for “Red like Roses”

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I want to see a character who is a faunus with huge horns on their head. And I don’t mean a background character either. 


The more I see Nora being, well, Nora, the more convinced I become that she is Krieg the Psycho’s daughter


It was subtle, but I really loved how in the RWBY and JNPR fight scene, each parallel letter/team member went up against each other. i.e. rwBy vs. jnPr, rwbY vs. jnpR, etc


I ship Yang and Lie Ren. I don’t know why, I just do.

Jake Anthracite

I love that Emerald sees Cinder like a parent and even goes to hug her in the Vol. 2 premire but Cinder just walks by her and she becomes so deflated.


How strong are their teeth that they can eat food that hard!?


I wouldn’t eat the food at Beacon. I mean, have you seen how HARD it is?!?





jesus fucking chRI S T

I doN”t know if I want it or not but I want it


Why are they keeping all their highly explosive dust in one warehouse? Seems like a poor design to me


How do people like Emerald and Mercury? They fucking murder some poor guy (whom I also think may have been Blake’s dad do to the comment on him being a cat)


I feel like there should be more Jaune and Ruby scenes. After all, Jaune was the first friend Ruby made at Beacon. 


I hope we get to see more of Ren being a badass

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I absolutely adore Neptune and Sun’s relationship so far, the little we’ve seen, its freaking adorable. And its wonderful to see a healthy cross-species friendship outside the main cast. I can’t wait to see the rest of Sun’s team together.

Instead of sea monkey I want the brotp to be planets and stars because the chemistry between the two is out of this world


I honestly really hope that the “From Dust Til Dawn” shop owner becomes an important character, or at least becomes a recurring theme. For some reason, I like him.

I wish we would of gotten to see Nora and/or Ren’s semblance in the food fight. Seeing as they’re the only two of JNPR and RWBY that we have almost no idea on. ((On a side note, Nora rocked that food fight up until the ultimate move from Ruby))