This is one of my favourite episodes. Not only did we find out what’s going on, we also have new weapons and powers, and characters. Not to mention new questions. I hope the volume keeps my interest! It’s doing great so far.


I don’t trust Ironwood. 


Roman calling Weiss “Ice Queen” and Weiss’s pitiful little “Hey!!” has got to be the single best moment in chapter 4, hands down.


I ship Neptune and Sun SO HARD


I’d give Neptune my number. I’d do it, really.


I don’t know about anyone else, but after “Checkmate” (and consequently “Freezer Burn”) I really want to see more of Weiss and Blake merging their fighting styles. So. Cool. No one ever really talks about anything but shipping, so getting to see the girls work as partners instead of “partners” was really awesome for me.


After this newest episode, I do believe that Neptune is attracted to Yang. 


It seems from this chapter Neptune is actually starting to show affection for Yang, when he said. “What. A. Woman!” It seems he IS a flirt.

I really like the idea of Roman Icecream being the ship name for Roman and Neo


I’d like to see Penny’s storyline to go in either a Astro Boy way or a slightly more serious version of My Life As A Teenage Robot. And if they can, I’d like them do a little twist adding some Pinnochio elements.


Someone give Neptune a glass of water cause this boy is THIRSTY


Not sure if I like Neptune flirting with literally any girl he can get his hands on. I thought it was cool someone was legitimately interested in Weiss after really realizing how lonely she can be… And finding out he wasn’t interested in HER so much as flirting WITH her really hurt!


Looks like Neptune is nothing but a flirt as far as his romantic interests go, and apparently there is enough Neptune to go around for most of the girls, but the only one receptive to it is Weiss which is positive. Which is fine (his flirting), I guess, but I wish that Weiss would get reciprocation from someone she likes and is attracted to. I feel that rejection and “trying to make herself better” because of him might happen, esp. with his flirtatious attitude with Yang. Good for angst though.

We know who you are, rule breakers. Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it’ll be easier on all of us if you just read the rules. Fanmail confessions don’t get published, only deleted, and you would know this if you read them. 

To those who follow the rules, thank you. You deserve a cake. 

I can’t really believe RT is going to only use “basic” faunus. I want to see a very VERY “absurd” type of faunus. I don’t know… maybe a Shark faunus, a Dodo faunus — Hell! even a platypus faunus would suffice.