I really want to see team CVFY. They can’t come soon enough, especially after being teased this episode.

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I’m worried that Blake will collapse of exhaustion/hunger in an inopportune moment and get someone hurt/killed


I honestly want to see the dust store/Simple Wok Old Man whip out a broom and kick some ass at some point of the series. I have it on my bucket list to see this.

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I’m getting sick of all the Dad!Roman anf half-founus!Roman headcanons, not because I hate the ideas (it’s actually pretty interesting) but because now 9 out of 10 post in the Roman tag are about this, many of which are way too similar to each other, really it’s probably a record time on how tired I’ve become of certain headcanon because of the fandom (of ANY fandom not just rwby…just sayin)


I’m actually sad that they’re out of their new outfits now. Those were AMAZING.

I’m actually a bit sad that they are back to their normal outfits now. I hope the alternate outfits will make a return, because they were just amazing!


I get the feeling Pyrrha may be the person that kaisergeyser was talking about (here is what he said incase you don’t follow him “Until they kill someone you really love :)”) a while back when he was talking about Mercury and Emerald being “cold blooded, dangerous killers. Oh and also master thieves”



I want Cinder to murder someone with just the needle, even better if its in a full on fight. No poison, no Dust, I want her to be terrifyingly lethal. Plus it would top my all time favorite kill in media. (Riddick in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ where he kills a guy with a teacup.)


Don’t worry Sun, Neptune is here for u in ur times of trouble

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This has to be one of the most intense episodes I’ve seen. Not only do we get to see CRNL in action, we learned some things about the villains’ plans. Not to mention on Pyrrha’s pov as well. Now I’m wondering what’s going to happen to her when her secret is out.

The moments in the new episode when Blake says no to Sun and Jaune nearly breaks Pyyrhas heart killed me in side. ROOSTERTEETH Sun and Blake, and Jaune and Pyyrha better get together!


My ships really cut me in the feels today first Blake and sun NOW Pyrrha and juane no please stop no I just want them to be happy

I thought Sun asking Blake to the dance was cute.


I hope that Roman overthrows Cinder, he seems to be a much more interesting villain. I also hope that Neo joins the good guys. We know little of her, I don’t want her to stay evil.



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Until next week, punks

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