I’d been looking for this since I first saw it after the episode initially aired. hallelujah

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I really am wondering why there is almost no one in fandom that talks about emblems and their significance to people or culture in RWBY world. I think emblems are as important to a person as their name or identity.


Yang did not start as my favorite character, but somewhere along the way I fell in love with her, her voice, appearance, her general outlook on life, the way she wants to protect those things and people she loves. Her badass attitude. The way she holds herself. Thank you, Barbara, for giving her such an incredible voice and making her my favorite fictional lady ever!

"I Burn" 8-bit demo remix | rapturous-rhapsody/lumen-fortuna


Rapturous-rhapsody was wonderful enough to let me use their vibraphone cover of “I Burn” and make it into an 8-bit mix. I’m gonna be using this audio post to gauge interest from the fandom to see if I should make a full cover of it. I’m rather content with how it came out (for a demo).

And yay my first true contribution to the RWBY fandom huzzah.

From Shadows [8-bit] (DEMO) | lumen-fortuna


And the last of the four songs I’m going to cover is finally here in.. err.. the form of a demo..

If you haven’t heard the rest in my series of demos and cover(s), you definitely should! I’m currently in the process of remaking Red Like Roses since I wasn’t too satisfied with the arrangement I worked on. Here are the demos (and one full song) conveniently linked below:

[Red Like Roses 8-bit]
[Mirror Mirror 8-bit demo]

[From Shadows 8-bit demo]
[I Burn 8-bit demo]

Sprite art by Immaevilspacewhale and sheet music reference for “From Shadows” by Toasted Music!

(a big reason why I haven’t further arranged this project and have actually put it on hold is because I’ve wanted to refine my sound. Now that I have a better understanding of how I want to arrange my covers, I can finally go through and complete them with a sort of refined sound as opposed to my Red Like Roses cover)

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Mirror Mirror [8-bit] (sample) | lumen-fortuna


This is gonna be the last update I’m gonna make on the demo version(s) of my Mirror Mirror 8-bit cover. Yikes… I said I’d do this project about six months ago when I posted my Red Like Roses 8-bit cover. Some time and several other non-RWBY covers later, here I am about to finish this song.

I wanna get this project out of the way before volume 2 of RWBY starts to air in the summer! Maybe I’ll do some of the songs on the new OST depending if I like the sound of it or not n_n

Red Like Roses 8-bit | lumen-fortuna


Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest.
White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test.
Black the beast descends from shadows.
Yellow beauty burns gold.

HERE IT IS. I’m announcing my little secret project. I will be 8-bitting all of the RWBY trailer themes (Red Like Roses, Mirror Mirror, From Shadows, I Burn). The “RWBY” tag will get the track a few days prior to me uploading it on my new YouTube account (YouTube version here: with full artwork on the thumbnails provided by sprite artist Immaevilspacewhale, so I’ll post the link to that whenever I get around to uploading it! I also have it uploaded on my Soundcloud, so you should go check that out as well!

Music by Jeff Williams, vocals by Casey Lee Williams, original piano arrangement by TehIsher, 8-bit arrangement by me!! :D


Most people are most excited for the next season of RWBY for more culmination of the plot, new characters and weapons, and the enhanced effects.  Me?  I’m most excited for the new music soon to come.


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 I really feel like fans of the show side too quickly against the White Fang by thinking they’re just more antagonists. I’d personally like to see them developed on as heroes rather than pure villains 

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I am hoping that the big tough guy in Velvet’s team is just like a big teddy bear and sees Velvet as a adorable little sister.



SPOILER — Ruby has a bad dust trip and thinks she’s a Grimm Dolphin in RWBY Volume 2!  Woooo!!

Kids, don’t do dust. #Scythesaremyantidust


I really hope Velvet’s team is called VOLT for some reason. I’m not sure why tho…


I would be really surprised if they never introduced an avian Faunus into the universe of RWBY.




annnddd babysitter Arryn strikes back this time plus Miles!

I’ve been grumpy all day and this made me smile. Thank you!!!

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