Depsite being evil, Cinder is flawless and fierce. I love her character! :) 


I was pissed off when Ruby was the only one in the tower and how Cinder dumped the blame onto her.


I thought Catsuit Cinder was the epitome of her hotness. Then I saw her in her dance dress!

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I am so proud that Jaune followed Pyrrha instead of going over to Neptune. And I’m proud of the advice he gave him.


I’m really looking forward to when Weiss confronts Jaune about how he told Neptune to just be himself and go after her(Weiss) despite what he(Jaune) felt. It’s a really good opportunity for the two to move past Jaune’s flirting attempts. I just really hope that it is included.


It made me so unbelievably happy to see Jaune follow through on his promise to Pyrrha to wear a dress. It really shows his devotion to his friends and teammates.


It was great how Jaune actually put on a dress to ask Phyrra out and how he kept his word


Best character development for Jaune and Neptune.


I am so in love with Cinder’s dual swords/bow. I thought she didn’t have a weapon, but now it turns out she’s got the coolest one we’ve seen yet!


I really want to see if Cinder’s weapons have more variations


Easily the most beautiful and satisfying noise to ever exist is Pyrrha Nikos laughing.


This episode made me really want to ship Mercury/Cinder. Is that wrong?


This episode made me pretty happy shipping wise. I’m really glad to see my ships happy and having fun together.

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I want to see how Ruby stacks up against Cinder when she’s not wearing heels.


Nora needs more screentime in Volume 2