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Sun Turnaround
Ruyi Bang & Jingu Bang

(x) <-incase maybe you’d like to know more about Ruyi Jingu Bang.


Has Monty revealed the weapon names of Torchwick and Sun Wukong before?

Because I think he just did. Along with new turnarounds.

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This is just jaw dropping. An awesome Weiss fanart drawn by Hews-Hack. What a wonderful use of lighting, awesome coloring and perspective.

This artist is just grand. Check out their Deviant Art







Monty no.

monty YES



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I want Velvet to a be a so-so fighter when we see her in action, like Jaune. Because if she turns out to be a badass fighter like everyone else, then she should’ve been able to handle Cardin easily.

I can’t believe you guys posted this haha! XD

If we posted ‘What the hell happened to the moon?’ we are posting that

If it follows the rules there’s no right to deny it lol

It made Admin laugh too!


Little vectors~!


Ever since I saw that Mercury cosplay post, I began hoping that Velvet would be apart of Team VRMN (Vermon); I’ll admit it that I was a bit disappointed when I saw the actual color scheme. Still, I support whatever Monty has planned. 


Two new things added to Banned Confessions:

Because people always send in things that we never thought would be a thing

  1. Community fanon stuff (names, characters, etc;) BUT, OCs are okay (please provide details on where to find these characters)

  2. Complaining/bashing other blogs or people in the community, we don’t want to convey those negative feels so please just post it on your own blog or don’t say anything.

Complimenting a blog is okay, but anything negative to say about any blog will be deleted.

You will can read the full list here


Oh my goodness, I am freaking in love with Jen Brown. Her voice is amazing as Pyrrha and Carolina. Her Pyrrha gives me that warm, loving feeling, while her Carolina gives me that scary feeling which is really freaking weird because instead of being scared, I get aroused instead…. I shouldn’t have said that. Thank goodness for anonymous…. wait, crap I’m not anonymous. 


Happy Easter everyone! We are celebrating with some JNPR eggs.



My Ruby cosplay was da best x33333 #rwby #rubyrose #ruby #roosterteeth #anime #animecon #convention #scythe

Awesome!!! Fantastic cosplay!

RWBY - Mirror Mirror [8-bit] | lumen-fortuna


Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you?
Save me from the things I see!
I can keep it from the world
Why won’t you let me hide from me?

Apologies for anyone who expected this about a month after my Red Like Roses 8-bit cover from months ago, but better late than never! Up next are “From Shadows" and "I Burn”!

I had too much fun with this song, especially from the transition onward. I don’t have much else to say! I hope this song makes up for my speechlessness in this post. Enjoy!! :)

Art by immaevilspacewhale, music by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams, RWBY by Rooster Teeth, cover by me!

(don’t forget to check out me out on other sites where I also upload more covers, like Soundcloud and YouTube!)